about us

Lotus Project was established in 2009 in order to add quality and value to the lives of privileged investors with the most prestigious real estate projects of Turkey. However, Lotus Project succeeded in becoming Istanbul’s number one boutique real estate company on the basis of its turnover and number of customers thanks to its infrastructure for over 10 years and to its principle of providing the best service to its investors.

Adopting reliability, transparency and excellent service quality as its principles, Lotus Project aims to give the customers’ portfolio maximum profit with minimum risk, by blending teamwork with its professional team’s ideas that bring excitement to every project.

Lotus Project offers its investors alternatives in real estate renting/purchase and also the opportunity to compare with actual values. For leasing and selling, it takes on the task of defining the real estate accurately and introducing it to as many applicants as possible within the shortest time. We regard our investors’ satisfaction as our greatest reward at the end of the project.